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Georgian Dream Harms the European Integration Process by Initiating Impeachment

On August 31, In Berlin, the President of Georgia started a series of meetings with the European leaders as part of the campaign tour for Georgia’s EU candidacy. This was preceded by a statement from the government administration denying President Zourabischvili the visits to Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, the Arab Emirates, Israel, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic.

Launching impeachment procedure against the president while she makes an effort to convince the EU leaders to grant the candidate status to Georgia, is a direct attack on the EU, which our European partners have duly noted. Article 78 of the Constitution of Georgia obliges both the President and the Government to take all measures to ensure Georgia’s integration into the European Union. It is alarming that the government not only ignores this obligation, but also hinders the President of Georgia – a constitutional body – from implementing a historical choice of our people.

Hindering country’s European integration definitely represents a violation of the Constitution. We once again remind the government of Georgia of the unwavering will of the Georgian people to integrate into the European Union and call on the authorities to stop damaging the European integration process in the form of the impeachment procedure of the president.


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