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appealed to the Parliament to protect the citizenship of Georgians fighters in Ukraine

The "Democracy defenders Georgia” appealed to the Parliament of Georgia with a legislative proposal to protect the citizenship of Georgians fighters in Ukraine, with the ability of the executive authorities to terminate Georgian citizenship, is fighting or has fought on the side of Ukraine in any form recognized under international law since the de-occupation of Ukraine from 2014.

Georgian authorities have repeatedly stated that those Georgian citizens who are fighting against Russian aggression in Ukraine may terminate Their Georgian citizenship.

Ukraine's struggle against aggressor Russia has long gone beyond the category of armed conflict between the two states. From February 24, 2022, it is clear to everyone that Russia is fighting in this war not only with Ukraine, but also in its form the entire West, Western values - such as democracy and the rule of law, fighting the spread of these values in the countries of the former Soviet Union, including Georgia. According to the Constitution of Georgia, Georgia is a state bearing these Western values, and constitutional bodies have taken all measures within their powers to ensure Georgia's full integration into the European Union and the NATO.

Consequently, the step of each Georgian citizen to protect Ukraine at the cost of his/her own life is a contributor – to protect the rule of democracy and justice, to protect Georgia's future.

The Constitution of Georgia does not establish when a person may lose Georgian citizenship and entrusts organic law to resolving this issue. The recording in the Organic Law of Georgia on Georgian Citizenship allows for such interpretation that, under the political will identified by the government, Georgian citizens fighting on the Ukrainian side may be punished, punished and left without Georgian citizenship.

The reality of this threat is backed up by statements made by Georgian Dream representatives last month. For example, Mamuka Mdinaradze, chairman of the Georgian Dream faction, stated regarding Georgian citizens fighting in Ukraine: "If you are enrolled in the army of another country, you lose the citizenship of the country of which country you are a citizen of, No one explains these issues to these people".

Rati Ionatamashvili, deputy chairman of the same faction, made a similar statement, in particular: "It is most severe and unacceptable that these people offer our boys participation in hostilities in Ukraine in exchange for money and are deceived, told to become employees of the Ukrainian military forces and not warn that entering the military service of another country automatically leads to the loss of your country's citizenship." Accordingly, we exercise our own rights and submit to the Parliament of Georgia a legislative proposal that deprives the executive government of the opportunity to terminate Georgian citizenship of Georgia, which has fought or fought on the Ukrainian side in any form recognized in international law before the de-occupation of Ukraine since 2014.

Citizens will be able to express their support for the legislative proposal by signing a petition.


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