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Representatives of Alt-info should be punished under the Criminal Law

In response to the attacks on peaceful civil activists by the representatives of the Russian power “Alt-Info” in the city of Kobuleti during the manifestation of solidarity with Ukraine, we demand the criminal punishment of the abusers.

On 22 March 2022, a peaceful rally of Ukrainian solidarity was held in Kobuleti. On the rally, protesters moved to the area around so-called Conservatives Movements (Alt-Info) office to protest Russian aggression and the activation of Russian soft power, during which they were attacked by a group of abusers pre-mobilized by “Alt-Info” from the regions. Peaceful activists were verbally and physically assaulted by pro-Russian abusers. Four victims have suffered bodily injuries, including one person who is currently undergoing treatment at a clinic.

Although police were mobilized on the spot, it could not ensure the safety of peaceful protesters. Law enforcers arrested 12 abusers after the incident, but as it turned out, they were detained not for the crimes they committed, but for administrative offenses, and were released from the courtroom on 24 March after Kobuleti Magistrate Judge Koba Gotsiridze imposed administrative fines.

The indifferent attitude of the law enforcement agencies towards such facts, the incorrect qualification of the cases, and the improper use of both preventive and repressive measures make us believe that this is done purposefully and thus indirectly contributes to the strengthening of the Russian power in Georgia.

The disseminated videos unequivocally show that on 22 March, several crimes envisaged under the Criminal Code were committed, including violence and the violent encroachment of the right to assembly and demonstration.

We demand the punishment of pro-Russian abusers under the Criminal Law as required by our national legislation.


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