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The government is disseminating yet another, propagandistic “fake”

Throughout the day, the media outlets that are under the influence of the government disseminate “fake news” as if the large-scale meeting in Bakuriani last week, was held to plan the “coup d’état”. Giorgi Mshvenieradze, the chairman of the Democracy Defenders also attended the meeting. Dissemination of this type of “fake news” aimed at intimidating the public with the fear of "impending unrest", is typical behavior of an authoritarian and totalitarian regime, which was one of the topics discussed at the training (meeting) held in Bakuriani.

In fact, the meeting in Bakuriani, as well as numerous previous meetings with non-governmental organizations, civil movements, or opposition parties, serve the sole purpose of defeating authoritarianism in Georgia through a democratic process and non-violent resistance. Peter Ackerman, who participated in this meeting and shared interesting experiences and knowledge, represents the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict, which not only shares but also spreads the philosophy of non-violent struggle against tyranny and authoritarianism.

Directing the society’s attention today on this propagandistic “fake”, intended to overshadow the US State Department's tough human rights report and a new ranking published by the “Freedom House”, according to which, as a result of the assessment, Georgia is on the list after the Benin Republic - with 58 points.

Democracy Defenders is a civil movement that aims to protect democracy in Georgia, curb authoritarianism, and promote the country's Euro-Atlantic integration. We achieve our goals through disseminating education, teaching and organizing nonviolent resistance, research, discussion, and advocacy. If you share our values, you can join us in this struggle.


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